History of Advertising

Advertising drives the world of business. It is mandatory for sales. Though you can surely name some of the modern ways of business promotion, do you know historical methods of advertising? We’ll explore them here. Trends have changed, but goals have stayed the same. In the world of capitalism, the attraction of new customers is very important.

Advertising began in ancient times. In pre-modern times, posters and flyers containing ads can be traced back to ancient Egypt. Commerical ads were printed on papyrus, telling people about politicians, businesses, and more. In certain parts of Europe, people would use images, such as pictures of fruit, clothes, or goods, since people couldn’t read. Some parts even utilzed town criers to vocally advertise goods.

The oral way of ads was also popular in China as some people played instruments to sell goods. Also caligraphy was used on inked boards and flyers. Pretty soon, people began creating logos for their businesses.

Things changed in the 18th century. By that time, ads were printed in newspapers on a weekly basis. This was popular in Europe. In countries around the world, printing presses rose to the scene, which helped economies everywhere. In the Unites States, the first ad agency was created. Ad space in papers was a top method of promotion back then. As industrialization grew, advertising grew. In later centuries, television commercials became popular as TV became modern. And of course radio used ads as well.

Advertising around the world has changed drastically in modern times. Today our world is digital. We have personal computers, mobile phones, and devices that keep our attention most of the day. Traditional newspapers have begun to decline as the internet is the top form of advertising. Businesses use websites, blogs, social media, and more to promote the sale of goods.

Technology has even changed the way we shop. We can order products with the click of a button online, so of course advertising is more prominent online. Since millons of people use social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, advertisers use the platforms as marketing tools. Everyone from big corporations to small startups rely on social media and web marketing to reach out to customers. It’s the modern way.

Now you have better knowledge on the history of advertising and how it has changed through the centuries. These were just small examples, and there is a lot more to learn and discover through research.