Mass Culture: Good or Bad?

Mass culture is defined as a unique group of cultural ideas that come from media, activities, art, and more. Mass culture contributes to profit in businesses. Though it influences popular lifestyle habits, not everything about mass culture is good. In fact, there may even be some detrimental things about this culture in society.

Big corporations will take all means to earn big bucks. Even if it means swaying the lifestyle habits of entire nations of people. We now live in the digital age, and of course companies are capitalizing from that. Mass culture has millions of people using social networks to share photos, blogs, tweets, and more. This is just an example. Consider social media. The phenomenon started off as a means to connect with family and friends. Well now it’s totally different. Social media is now a global phenomenon and big businesses rely heavily on it to advertise to consumers.

While social media and digital communication can be harmless, many humans have turned it into something otherwise. With trends and hashtag messages, many people have been conditioned to jump on bandwagons instead of thinking for themselves. Also, social networks have shown a rise in cyber bullying and online attacks.

But that is just one example. In this ever-changing world, electronics will only become even more advanced. Mass culture is also swayed by forms of music, art, and the like. We are told that our lives are more satisfying if we buy music or go to museums or concerts. Just think. Consider a person who does not use social media and never goes to festivals or leaves the house period. Wouldn’t this person be considered a bit unordinary by most standards? If you answered “yes”, you have likely been heavily influenced by mass culture.

Mass culture can have good and bad effects.