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  • "Brand Damage uses examples from our everyday lives to help you to quickly develop a solid foundation of fundamentals that you can immediately apply to your personal and professional brand. It strikes the perfect balance between practical advise and knowledge that will allow you to adapt and evolve your brand for the rest of your life.””
  • Steve Farnsworth, Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers in the world according to Forbes magazine.

  • “Larry Linne and Patrick Sitkins have compiled a comprehensive and insight-packed guide to personal and professional branding. Their advice is essential in our age of instantaneous global information access where our brand image almost always precedes us, and can accelerate or impair our success. Read it, and you’ll learn the ropes from two seasoned pros. Put their advice to work, and you too will achieve the benefits of building a powerful, personal brand.”
  • Greg Van Ness, CEO Tolman & Wiker Insurance Services, LLC


Personal branding is going to be one of North American businesses’ most critical strategic initiatives in the next 3-5 years. Information is more accessible on individuals than ever before. Social media is making details about people more accessible and creating a ton of data to help people form opinions about individuals. "Brand Damage - It's Personal", co-authored by award winning author Larry G. Linne and Patrick Sitkins, deals with the ever-growing importance of personal branding. This book is a practical guide for everyone which provides information on how to create and proactively manage your brand, items that can damage a brand, and entertaining stories and illustrations.

Meet the Authors

Larry G. Linne

Larry G. Linne is one of the business world’s most innovative thinkers. Larry’s powerful thinking strategies combined with his broad and varied experiences has led to a successful, far-reaching career. From pro football player to industry leading sales manager to published author, his ideas have been implemented in businesses of all classifications, including small business and Fortune 100 companies.

Patrick Sitkins

Patrick is an industry leader when it comes to creation and implementation of branding and marketing strategies. He brings his educational and professional background together with his passion for helping people to create a rich client experience; and his entrepreneurial spirit fuels his interaction with clients. He has managed the personal branding process for several top executives throughout North America & Europe.