How to Write a Persuasive Essay & Choose Solid Topics

How well can you persuade others to choose a given opinion? Your audience will only get to that point if they feel the connection and not just because you have a certain idea concerning a given topic. Your objective will be to inform, educate and create some belief in your audience to act on something. The end goal in this type of writing is to sell your perception to others. When you succeed in doing so, then you will have written a great piece of work. 

Don’t go for plain topics that have no particular direction. Ensure that they are thought-provoking and daring at the same time. You should have a clear opinion concerning the chosen topic for others to buy into your opinion. The most important thing to do is to gather enough information about your chosen topic to stand a chance of persuading others about it. To win your case, you should also be able to show the inconsistency in counter-arguments.

Sample Persuasive Speech Topics

Think about some interesting speech topics that you would want to persuade the audience with. There are a lot of persuasive speech topics to write about but here are just a few of them to consider:

  1. Women should go for elective posts to address women issues
  2. Democracy should be exercised at all levels of governance
  3. Life can’t exist without challenges
  4. Success is about happiness
  5. Technology is driving all other sectors of the economy
  6. Politics and religion are inseparable
  7. Growth in children is determined by their environment
  8. Learning with Video Games Helps
  9. Developing countries biggest challenge is corruption
  10. The media is the voice of the weak

Writing a Persuasive Speech Essay

In your plan for successful essay writing, make sure you have a well-crafted topic. Once you get this right, then there will be no limits to what you can write. Take some good time to study your topic and prepare well to write your essay. Consider doing the following:

  • Read widely. Look at various samples of persuasive speech essays. Study the tone and the approach taken writing that piece of work. This information will help you when doing your writing. Good writers are good readers. There are no shortcuts. Endeavor to do the best you can to write a great essay.
  • Prepare with a good topic. Persuasive essay topics should be around key areas of interest, particularly with your target audience. There is a lot to talk about but most importantly, it should be something that your audience is longing for. Make sure that you understand their needs and address them.
  • Always plan. Prepare an outline. Have an impressive introduction and punchline. Develop your body with paragraphs with interesting facts. In the end, make sure that the audience has a picture in the mind concerning your topic of discussion.

Final Thoughts

There is no better way to write a persuasive essay than to understand the basics of what you are writing about. Most importantly, choose interesting persuasive speech topics that your audience can connect with.

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